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Read The Ingredients - Before and After

Why and How Read The Ingredients Has Changed

After launching our first products at the end of 2019, so much has happened in the world, in the U.S. and for the consumer. As positive people, we always look for the silver lining, and that was what we did with the onset of COVID, just a few months after Read The Ingredients came to market. Our original intention was to go into retail stores by the middle of 2020, and when the pandemic became an obstacle we moved to plan B, making our products available DTC (Direct-To-Consumer) on our website, Amazon, and a few other platforms.


The silver lining was that when we sell our products DTC, we stay very close to our customers. We got lots of feedback about our brand, our products, our customer service, and our message. While much of what we heard was very positive, we received some very constructive critiquing. Our relaunch February 9th, 2022 is the culmination of all of this great feedback. Here are the changes we made, and why.


Our Read The Ingredients Superloafs are unique! In fact, the main reason that our brand exists today is because after we scoured the market we could not find another convenient, clean, healthy, complete meal option. Sadly, our original packaging just didn’t shout unique. Nor did our previous package design represent our commitment to boldly and proudly step up in support of those that are committed to clean, healthy eating wherever they are. We feel our new look is fresh and proudly offers complete transparency into our raison d’etre.


We have adjusted the recipes for each of our tasty Superloaf flavors, with three distinct goals.

Taste – Because we do not add sugar (or sweeteners other than what is naturally in our ingredients), some of our customers felt that the flavor was a bit bland. That is no longer an issue … our Superloafs have more flavor and we have not compromised one bit on the integrity of our ingredients.

Texture – Our original products had inconsistencies in the texture of the products/flavors. Our new recipes have created a Superloaf that is more like a moist, dense bread consistency. 

Nutritional profile – Our clean, whole food ingredients have always created products offering no “wasted calories”. That is, each calorie makes a contribution to the macronutrients (healthy proteins/carbohydrates/ fats), and that is part of our commitment. However, we did get the feedback that the calorie count was more than what some of our consumers would want to eat in a single serving, even as a meal alternative. We worked with some sports coaches who emphasize nutrition to their clients, and we realized that our products were a bit heavy in the fat calories. With the adjustments we have made, our calorie count has been reduced by about 25% on each Superloaf, while maintaining a generous portion of protein and carbohydrates. In fact, each Superloaf falls very close to the recommended baseline balance of macronutrients of calories from Fat, Carbohydrates and Protein (20-35%, 40-60%, 10-35% respectively). Our products still have a substantial amount of fiber, an important dietary component for boosting our immune system. 

Appearance – Finally, our Superloafs now look like the artisanal (mini) Superloafs they are. You will know you’ve just opened up a very special treat.


Our commitment to you, the consumer, to only offer clean, gluten-free, plant-based goodies to support you as you strive to eat healthy in a marketplace that doesn’t always make that convenient. We’ve adjusted our bundle sizes to give you more flexibility for purchasing.

Finally, our customer support is second to none. We always want to hear from our customers, and we will always respond with complete integrity. That is who we are.

*For our Big Bite customers: At this time we have temporarily discontinued the Big Bites so we can focus on the Superloaf. We will reintroduce complimentary products in the future.

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