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Sometimes, I think we should have named Read The Ingredients 'BAD ASS FOODS.'

To understand my thinking, let’s define Bad Ass: The dictionary definition includes phrases like “uncompromising”, “bold”, and “intimidating”.

Our customers (and we) are certainly uncompromising in our commitment to our own health!

Our customers are bold and confident in making choices that sometimes are different than mainstream choices of their peers.

But are we intimidating? We hope not. We, like many of you, are more subtle in our commitment to ourselves in the face of going against mainstream choices.

In fact, we had considered calling our brand Bad Ass Foods, but we choose not to, to minimize the risk of intimidating anyone. While we know we are bold, and we are uncompromising as individuals and as a brand, we don’t like the idea of intimidation.

Michael and I are both very humble and subtle in our choices and commitment to a healthy lifestyle. We’d love to share with you the gift we’ve given ourselves by making these choices for ourselves, but we don’t think it is right to force it upon anyone.

But if there ever was a brand that was Bad Ass, it is Read The Ingredients.

When you are ready to be uncompromising and bold in your choices give Read The Ingredients a try and let’s take this ride together.

Or better yet - get to our Kickstarter campaign and support us being one of the boldest and most uncompromising brands out there by clicking here.

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