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Social Media Impacts How We Eat

Social Media Impacts How We Eat

We Are Here For the Whole Year

Purposely, we have avoided jumping in the social media fray with lots of advertising this month. Why? The reason is threefold.

1. Logic tells us that we should jump on the bandwagon like others in our segment of the market, and leverage human nature’s use of the New Year (resolutions) to fulfill “better health and weight management” goals. There is overwhelming evidence that New Year’s resolutions such as these are dismissed and forgotten by the time we are 30 days into the year. Have you ever gone to your local gym in early January to witness the crowds, only to return in February and see that you can jump on any machine without waiting? Our products are for the consumer that chose to adopt a healthier, more nutritionally-dense diet motivated by something other than turning the page on the calendar.

2. Some years ago the UK decided to peg January as Veganuary to promote a movement that will reduce the animal agriculture’s industry and their impact on the planet (and our health and the welfare of the animals). We are all for this movement, but there is also evidence that those that do make a shift in their behavior because it is promoted commercially do not find that motivation sustainable. Sadly, many do it to have that Instagram moment.

3. Finally, we are not huge fans of social media. We have witnessed the negative side of addiction to social media (and our devices). We believe that our chronic health issues are exacerbated by the way we eat.

Social Media Effects Our Diets

So, how is this compounded by our addiction to social media?

  • Much of the food posted on social media is presented beautifully, but how often are the ingredients or the nutritional value listed? 
  • Noticeably thin influencers posting pictures of themselves eating ice cream sundaes or cake, as if to normalize that as a standard way of eating
  • Too often, we eat meals and snacks while looking at our phones. Do we even know what we are eating?

Most of us are aware that our addiction to our devices create all kinds of health problems. Do we realize how it impacts our diet? If you find this may be one of the challenges you face, here are our suggestions:

  • If you are drawn to eating something that is prepared or packaged: Read The Ingredients
  • Let your common sense kick in. If you are constantly treating yourself to unhealthy, sugar-laden foods, are you going to look like that person?
  • Stay present while you eat … taste your food … enjoy your food! Then move on to do something more productive than staring at your screen.

All of the above will improve your relationship with food, your health, your weight and your life!

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