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Progression by Subtraction

Progression by Subtraction

Have you thought about what habits you have that might be holding you back from your full potential? It doesn’t have to be a big one, just something small that, if changed, can move the needle forward?

An accomplished cycling strength training coach, health nut, and absolute fitness fanatic recently came up with the idea of “taking your foot off the brake.” The example he gave was assuming you are doing everything right to progress (following training plans, eating the right foods, taking time to recover properly, and getting good sleep) but you are doing one thing that is holding you back. In his case, the alcohol was actually working against all of the hard work he was putting in. So he quit drinking for more than a month and found that he felt fantastic. In fact, he went on to accomplish the biggest feat he has set out to accomplish to date.*

It doesn’t have to be alcohol. It can be the cookies before bed. It can be the cinnamon bun on the weekends, or maybe the afternoon soda. Simply removing one thing that is acting as a speed bump to you feeling and performing better can be where you decide to stop. Or it can be a catalyst to making the next small change to help you feel and perform better.

You don’t have to have all the fundamentals in place to benefit from a small change. All changes that move you in the right direction are good, regardless of where you start. 

It only feels fitting to leave you with these words; “Start Moving Forward!”


*Derek Teel, Owner of Dialed Health, set out to ride his bike 58,060 feet in elevation in one ride. That is the equivalent of climbing the total elevation of Mt Everest 2X from sea level, not from base camp! He accomplished this feat in 24 consecutive hours of riding up and down the same road over 45 times. You can find him on Instagram @dialedhealth


Written by Michael Giudicelli - Co-Founder of Read The Ingredients, Stanford Certified Nutritionist and competitive endurance athlete. Michael is also a husband, and proud father of two young children. 
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