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Kids Love our Loaves!

Kids Love our Loaves!

Let’s face it, whether your kiddo is back in the classroom or learning from home, you’re probably thinking about what they’re fueling their bodies with mid-day. A lot of the time, hot lunches at school aren’t the healthiest, lack essential nutrients, or don’t meet your child’s dietary needs. It’s also easy for your kids to fall into bad eating habits if they’re snacking on loads of sugar or processed foods throughout their day.

One way to solve this problem and create better eating habits? With our Loaves! Every RTI Loaf is a complete meal in a convenient package for at home or on-the-go. These are perfect to give to your kiddos to eat as a breakfast on the way to school, or to enjoy as a quick lunch if there’s no time to chef something up in the kitchen to throw into their backpack. Additionally, each Loaf is...

PLANT-BASED & PROTEIN-PACKED: Foodservice options at school may not meet your child’s dietary needs (say they are gluten-free, dairy-free, or vegan), or lack the daily recommended amount of protein. All Loaves are 100% plant-based and packed with pea protein, so you won’t have to worry about if your kiddo can eat what’s on the menu or not!

FULL OF MACRO & MICRO NUTRIENTS: Every Loaf contains important vitamins and minerals (like OMEGA-3 fatty acids, Manganese, and Potassium), which are vital for building happy, healthy bodies!

HIGH IN FIBER: Fiber is crucial for promoting a healthy gut - the most important place to look for getting your health on track is your microbiome! Without healthy digestion, your whole system will be out of whack. Thankfully, each of our Loaves are loaded with 10g of fiber.

LOW IN SUGAR: Sugar is one of the most destructive substances you can consume and can negatively affect your long-term health. At RTI, there is no less than a 35:1 calorie to sugar ratio per loaf! We believe that natural sugars are the only sugars you should be incorporating into your diet - leave processed sugars in 2020!


Introducing your kiddos to a healthier diet has never been easier! Want them to test our Loaves out first before purchasing a full pack of them? Purchase our Loaf Sample Pack or Full Sample Pack (if you’d like them to try our Big Bites, too!). Be sure to use the code provided to get a discount on your order.

Do your kids already love RTI? Tell us about it by leaving a comment on our Facebook or Instagram!

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