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Health Goals For The Year!

Health Goals For The Year!

The New Year is a time when many of us take stock and make decisions about how to move forward for the next 12 months.

Very often it is our health, our weight and all things impacted by our lifestyle that we focus on.

That’s why we’d like to highlight the podcasts I've been a part of, focusing on my lifestyle (mostly as pertains to food/nutrition) in the past year. The interviews are based on the journey I chronicle in my book, Freedom From a Toxic Relationship With Food

So if you want a motivational kick in the ass … this is a good start. If I can sustainably change my relationship with food, manage my health and my weight by making different food choices, so can you.

The reason we co-founded Read The Ingredients was to help you get your day, week, and year off to a good start.
Wishes for the happiest and healthiest years of your life!

Written by Bobbi Giudicelli - Co-Founder of Read The Ingredients, and author of “Freedom From a Toxic Relationship With Food: A Journey That Will Give You Your Life Back”. Bobbi tells her story that led to her creating the recipes of the Read The Ingredients Superloafs. She is passionate about sharing the gift of a vital, active life at any age.
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