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Happy New Year! Which RTI Product is Perfect for You?

Happy New Year! Which RTI Product is Perfect for You?

It’s finally 2021! It’s a chance to regroup, focus on health, eat mindfully, feel energized, and stock up on healthy, nutritious foods. If you’re wondering exactly what to get and what to incorporate in your life, look no further than this blog to guide you to your perfect purchase to optimal health. 

First of all, each of our ingredients was thoughtfully included, and many ingredients were thoughtfully excluded!

NO gluten 

NO dairy

NO added sweeteners

NO sugar alcohols

NO syrups

NO gums or preservatives

Parents, athletes, students, entrepreneurs, business owners, friends, we know you’re busy and need easy access to delicious, high end quality nutrition. If you’re looking to step up your A-game with health, look no further than our two options: Loaves and Big Bites!  

Big Bites are for you if you are: on the go constantly. A busy fast-paced lifestyle means you need fuel. Big Bites are perfect for anyone that needs an in between meal pick up, is looking to regulate their metabolism, or wants to avoid a sugar craving or energy crash. Our Big Bites are a family hit and are perfect for hungry growing kids, too! The best news? (This is for you chocolate lovers.) If you love chocolate, you are in luck, because our Big Bites have two chocolate options for you: Double Chocolate & Chocolate Chip. Get in your chocolate fix, the healthiest way possible.

Shop here to get our sample pack and try every flavor.

Loaves are for you if you are: trying to get a full meal in, but don’t have the time. This is also perfect for athletes trying to get in nutrients for a hard training or race day or for those travel days where you don’t have the time to make or sit down for a full meal. Loaves are perfect for breakfast or lunch and make a complete meal. Our loaves contain important vitamins and minerals, like OMEGA-3 fatty acids, Potassium, and more. Each loaf has at least 10g of fiber, is low sugar, and only has natural ingredients. 

We recommend: our loaves variety pack! Why have one when you can try them all. Try our loaves AND even better: subscribe and save. 

When it comes to finding the right nutrients for your lifestyle, it shouldn’t be complicated. The best thing to do for yourself is to stock up on options like RTI Big Bites and Loaves, so you can always put your health first. Let’s start 2021 off with a healthy kick!
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