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Choose nutrition: RTI through the rest of the holidays!

Choose nutrition: RTI through the rest of the holidays!

Choosing the right way to fuel your body is essential especially during the busiest time of year: the end of the holiday season. 2020 has been an unexpected year filled with stress, pressure, and the unknown. And now with the holidays wrapping up, lockdown still in place, family dynamics up in the air, and more, it can all weigh on your body and mental health. We know first that getting back into a healthy routine is not always easy, especially when the odds are stacked against us. As we wrap things up, we want to make things a little easier for you. Here are 3 reasons why you should choose to incorporate RTI in your diet during the rest of the holiday season. 

Did you know when you start eating better, your body craves less sugar? Your body naturally wants to be in its best state: balanced homeostasis, but needs a little bit of your help. Our gluten free and vegan products are packed with real food: micro and macro nutrients, protein, seeds, nuts, fruits, and vegetables, to give you the well rounded balance your body needs when it comes to perfect nutrition. Your body needs and craves balance, especially if you’re having some sweet treats during the holidays and lockdown. Our tip? Always have one of our RTI Loaves or Big Bites on you so you can fill up on real food before hitting the drinks and chocolate on an empty, hungry stomach.

Ready when you are! Our Big Bites are perfect when you’re “on the go”
Inevitably, this is the busiest time of year. Whether you are traveling, getting ready for the new year, wrapping up work, dealing with kids at home: your busy life takes you places, even during lockdown. Our Big Bites are the perfect partner in crime for these moments of your day. No more stress about what to eat when you have to run out the door, simply let your Big Bite thaw in your car or pop it into the microwave to get a quick nutritious meal in that will leave you & the kids satisfied (and not #hangry.)

Digestive health

“The gut microbiome is the gateway to wellness” (supermarket perimeter, 12.22.2020- Keith Nunes).  Research has shown one thing; there is an essential connection between your gut health and overall health. Whether it’s weight management, mental clarity, immune support, or having more energy for your kids and family (and yourself, too!) it’s important to nourish your body with functional ingredients and foods to optimize your overall health. And it starts in your gut! RTI is made of ingredients that are real- which means you don’t have to stress about processed foods or artificial ingredients affecting your gut or stomach lining. Whether it’s our Loaves or Big Bites, our products have good fiber to help with gut health. RTI has just what you need to feel your best self, inside and out.

We know that lockdown + holiday stress may mean getting off track just a little bit with extra sugar, sweets, and stressors. RTI brings balanced nutrition to your busy life, so you can focus on your overall health. Stock up on our Loaves and Big Bites for the new year and to share with your family and friends (kids love them!) 
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