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What's Your Body Telling You?

What's Your Body Telling You?

New research shows that everything you eat either adds years to, or takes years off your life. How do you know which it is?

Your body is telling you. Are you listening? Sometimes your body is screaming at you! Do you hear it?

Your body has a job to do - It is the physical packaging that envelops you. It is made up of the systems that work together to give you the physical, mental and emotional capacity to do all that you do.

In order to serve you, your body needs fuel; not just any fuel but the right fuel.



To understand, think about the vehicles we drive. They are built and designed to use specific gasoline, oil, and other fluids. If you use the wrong fuel all the time, eventually the vehicle is rendered useless. If you compromise and put regular fuel when the manufacturer tells us that the engine was built for high octane, your vehicle will still run for some time, but it will not perform as efficiently or to the levels it was built to perform.

Our bodies are exactly the same. We require the right fuel to perform well, and be durable. If you compromise the quality of your fuel your body will tell you. For a simplified discussion, our bodies are built to operate best on natural, whole foods. Natural, whole foods implies all edible parts of the food (i.e. not fruit juices, where the fibers are stripped), and food that is not processed with added sugars, preservatives or unnatural stabilizers.



For those of us that are very conscious of what we eat, we absolutely hear our bodies ‘complaining’ when we eat something that is not particularly clean or healthy. For those of us that do not eat clean the majority of the time, we miss the conversations that continue to escalate as time goes on. We don’t hear what our body is telling us until it is screaming with the symptoms of chronic disease, fatigue and serious digestive issues.

We know there is a void in the market when it comes to keeping yourself prepared to maintain a clean, whole food lifestyle. That is why we exist. We promise that every product we put on the market will offer convenient, packaged not processed, options for you that are nutritionally dense with the best WFPB (whole food plant based) ingredients.

What is your body telling you? Please pay attention!

Try our Sample Pack, or purchase the SuperLoaf flavor(s) of your choice. Your body will thank you.


Written by Bobbi Giudicelli - Co-Founder of Read The Ingredients, and author of “Freedom From a Toxic Relationship With Food: A Journey That Will Give You Your Life Back”. Bobbi tells her story that led to her creating the recipes of the Read The Ingredients Superloafs. She is passionate about sharing the gift of a vital, active life at any age.
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