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Peloton Yoga Instructor Kristin McGee Blog Post

Peloton Yoga Instructor Kristin McGee Blog Post

Being a kid requires a ton of energy. Being a mom running after her kids requires even more! My three boys have unlimited energy; and keeping up with them would be impossible without the right fuel in my body. I try not to rely too heavily on caffeine. Instead, I eat foods that help me stay buzzing all day long without any crashes. Here are two of my favorites as of late:

Read the Ingredients Breakfast Loaves & Bites

Read The Ingredients yummy breakfast loaf comes in four different flavors: banana nut, carrot raisin, apple cinnamon, and (my fave!) chocolate chip. These delicious loaves of bread are packed with all kinds of healthy plant-based protein. The loafs all have OMEGA-3 fatty acids, potassium, and other essential vitamins and minerals. READ THE INGREDIENTS doesn’t mess around with anything artificial. If it’s not a food you can pronounce or eat on its own, it’s not in there.

The loaves are a complete meal in one convenient package. They are 100% plant-based and packed with plant-based proteins. I like that they are high in fiber and low in sugar. The consistency is what I truly love, since they are baked they taste like a yummy muffin; but they are SO much healthier. They give me the right amount of energy without weighing me down.

I also love the Read the Ingredients “Big Bites.” I often get a mid-afternoon slump so I can grab a satisfying  “BITE.” They come in a package with two bites (equal to two protein bars). So I can eat one and get a great boost. Oftentimes I’ll give the other one to my older son Timothy.  He says the bits are like a chocolate chip blondie. The bites have 10 grams of protein, are low in sugar, and high in fiber. Since all of the ingredients are so pure, I keep all of the loaves and bites frozen then pop one in the microwave or let it thaw before eating it.


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