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Finding Your Tribe!

Finding Your Tribe!

I had the pleasure and honor to be a guest on Chef AJ’s YouTube live show this past weekend. Chef AJ is extremely highly regarded in the vegan community. Her journey to a vegan lifestyle and eating whole food, plant based (WFPB) started over 30 years ago driven by her being overweight for most of her life until then.

She is gracious, and very supportive of many who want to also share her/our message of the importance of taking care of ourselves and eating “food that won’t slowly kill you”. In case you have yet to see our packaging, that is our tagline on each of our products.

I do believe that everything you eat will either contribute to, or potentially compromise your health. It seems like every week I meet people who have adopted the lifestyle of WFPB eating and have a story to share about how their overall health has improved exponentially. Unfortunately, it seems that every week I meet people or know people who eat the SAD (Standard American Diet), struggle with chronic illness and become subject to our very poor healthcare system.

Chef AJ brought me onto her show to give us the opportunity to share our brand with her very loyal audience. She did an on air taste test of our products. She had not tried them before. It was such fun, AND, she enjoyed the Superloafs! We then spent an hour discussing the story behind our Read The Ingredients brand, and the book I wrote about my journey: “Freedom From A Toxic Relationship With Food: A Journey That Will Give You Your Life Back”.

The world needs more people like Chef AJ who don’t waver from their beliefs about the virtues of a WFPB lifestyle, and make a career of sharing with anyone who is interested in making their own life better. 


Written by Bobbi Giudicelli - Co-Founder of Read The Ingredients, and author of “Freedom From a Toxic Relationship With Food: A Journey That Will Give You Your Life Back”. Bobbi tells her story that led to her creating the recipes of the Read The Ingredients Superloafs. She is passionate about sharing the gift of a vital, active life at any age.
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