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What is Functional Bread?

A complete-meal, with high protein, well rounded macronutrients, and only natural ingredients.

100% Plant-Based

For an emphasis on your health, the well-being of animals and the environment!

Nutrient Dense Functional Bread


Loaded with Macronutrients to nourish your body and keep your brain working at its best


Loaded with micronutrients that your body desperately needs to feel good and be energized


We avoid sugar in our products because there are no other complete meal products out there that do!

Blog posts

Sep 22, 2022


Sometimes, I think we should have named Read The Ingredients 'BAD ASS FOODS.' To understand my thinking, let’s define Bad Ass: The dictionary definition includes phrases like “uncompromising”, “bold”, and “intimidating”. Our customers (and we) are certainly uncompromising in our commitment to our own health!

Sep 15, 2022

Protein: The Top 5 Things to Consider

As a competitive cyclist, I started paying closer attention to the foods I ate and the macronutrient composition of my meals. My thinking was that I was protein-deficient. No symptoms were pointing to this being an issue, but I was too busy listening to marketers, rather than doing the research myself. Turns out, even after I stopped eating meat or dairy products, I was still getting more than enough protein in my diet. The same could be true for you, too!
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